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"Your 'reality', sir, is lies and balderdash and I'm delighted to say that I have no grasp of it whatsoever."
— Karl Friedrich Hieronymus, Freiherr von M√ľnchhausen


2006 is officially upon us. So I wanted to put up some geeky material related to 2006 as a number, similar to some of the stuff I found for my prime numbers post. So I hit Google and was able to come up with some interesting stuff, but definitely the most eye-catching was the 2006 Geek Gorgeous calendar, featuring pictures of hot women in technical fields, including two fellow .NET developers, Tracy and Lynn.

Comments on 2006
  Comment from Blogger the sparrow at Thursday, January 05, 2006 11:05:00 AM
Geek Gorgeous, eh? I guess beauty really *is* in the eye of the beholder.

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