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"Your 'reality', sir, is lies and balderdash and I'm delighted to say that I have no grasp of it whatsoever."
— Karl Friedrich Hieronymus, Freiherr von Münchhausen

To Add Insult to Injury...

Tthis is the actual test that the Sparrow took. The first one was something else, apparently....

The Nerd
You scored 48% geek!
Congratulations. You're accepted within the geek community. They allow you to roam their message boards and peruse their chat rooms without attacking you. You probably really like learning, and that's not a bad thing. It doesn't make you any less of a nerd, though. There's a high probability you have never had sex. Sorry. The test said it, not me.

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 81% on geekiness
Link: The What's your Geek Level? Test written by dingus93 on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

Comments on To Add Insult to Injury...
  Comment from Blogger the sparrow at Friday, February 17, 2006 3:51:00 PM
OK Falcon! We get it! You're a geek who has enough social skills to get laid...usually ;)
  Comment from Anonymous Anonymous at Thursday, March 21, 2013 7:54:00 AM
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