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"Your 'reality', sir, is lies and balderdash and I'm delighted to say that I have no grasp of it whatsoever."
— Karl Friedrich Hieronymus, Freiherr von M√ľnchhausen

Across from the Mosta Dome

I'm writing this post from a cafe across from the Santa Marija church in Mosta, Malta, known here as the Mosta Dome. Supposedly the third largest dome in Europe (behind the Pantheon and St. Peter's in Rome), the church is truly impressive, and I'm about to go inside to see the artwork done by local artist Giuseppe Cali and see the bomb that fell through the roof during World War II.

It's been a full day: I saw the Dingli Cliffs (the highest point in Malta) and the Blue Grotto — a magnificent azure cove on the southern coast of the island. But the highlight was seeing Hagar Qim, neolithic temples and the oldest free-standing structure in the world, built around 3500 B.C., and Mnajdra, a second temple complex built around 3000 B.C.

I am leaving Malta tomorrow. Be well.

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