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Friday Free Game: Ramps

The Friday Free Game routine isn't as regular as I had hoped it to be; it's hard work finding games. I have decided that I want to keep providing Friday Free Games, but I know I probably won't be able to do it weekly. I am trying to devise a better schedule for blogging overall, and because I think it's better for people reading your blog to know when there's going to be new material, I will be having that discussion out loud in the Red Bull Diary.

jayisgames (who picked up S3QUENC3R, so you know he has good taste), recommended a great little Flash game called Ramps about two weeks ago, and it's a well-made and thoughtfully designed little time-wasting game that kept me going for about forty minutes and I made it through 23 levels.

The central mechanic is arranging of – you guessed it – ramps in order to guide a ball that is dropped out of a chute at the top of the screen to its destination at the bottom. The first wave of levels has your rolling and bouncing with ever-smaller ramps. But then there's the robotic lava-dwelling pirhanas.

I bet you didn't expect robotic lava-dwelling pirhanas, did you?

Play Ramps. It's fun.

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