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Friday Free Game: Bomb Chain

Bomb Chain is a fun little puzzler that I have recently revisited. The idea is to start a chain reaction of explosions that clears all of the bombs off of the grid. Bombs come in several varieties: some explode diagonally, some orthogonally, some both, and they can be either weak or strong, meaning their range is either 1 or 2 spaces.

Each level presents a different arrangement of bombs already on the board and then gives you a small number to place yourself. Combine two weak diagonal bombs to create a strong one; you can combine a diagonal and a straight to create a combined bomb that explodes in all directions.

I'm happy to report that I'm playing this game again after being stuck on Stage 22. There are 40 levels to play, and they're all pretty interesting. Good level design and a sound if simple core mechanic makes Bomb Chain a great game to obsess you over the weekend. Try it out. I know you'll like it.

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