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Friday Free Game: Vector Wars

Vector Wars certainly isn't the best space shooter around, but it's a perfect candidate for the Friday Free Game. It's a fun 15-minute time-waster with fast-and-furious gameplay and cool, trippy visuals, including some pain-in-the-butt enemies that look like they're the light cycles from Tron. They keep killing me and taking me away my double-shot!

And by the way, if you're a Tron geek like me: GLTron is a downloadable, fun and very faithful rendering of the light cycle action in full, glorious OpenGL 3D. The board looks just like it did in the movie, and there's even a Recognizer floating menacingly above you as you race. It takes a little bit of time to get used to the first-person perspective, but I've been playing this one a bit obsessively. But alas, since it's not an instant-play experience, I can't recommend it for the Friday Free Game, but you should do yourself a favor and download this extra-bonus game.

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