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$LC is Back

One of my favorite Jets has returned to the fold, and I am ecstatic about it. Laveranues Coles was traded back to the Jets for former Hurricane Santana Moss, and while I have always liked Moss, I really think we got the better end of the deal. LC is a threat to the inside as well as deep because he brings a physicality and play-making ability to the position rather than just pure speed.

And, unlike many naysayers who will talk about how we never should have let him go in the first place, I think we made the right decision at the right time when we decided to let him go for the obscene amount of money that Washington had offered him. As a matter of fact, I recall talking to a friend who had a conversation with LC while he was still in New York, and had told him to "take the money and run". That was good advice: I don't know if any other franchise would have offered him a $35M contract including a $13M bonus.

LC and Chad have always had a special rhythm, and I hope to see that connection return. I think Chad and LC have the potential to become known as a team in the same way Montana-to-Rice or Manning-to-Harrison are known. He also replaces something vital that he Gang had in Wayne Chrebet, a third-down receiver. I know Wayne isn't officially gone, but it won't be long any which way.

They're building a team around leaders, leaders like Jonathan Vilma and Chad Pennington, and while we still need to work on our roster (like replacing Jason Ferguson and getting some help at cornerback), trading Moss for Coles shows a commitment to putting together a winning team.

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