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"Your 'reality', sir, is lies and balderdash and I'm delighted to say that I have no grasp of it whatsoever."
— Karl Friedrich Hieronymus, Freiherr von M√ľnchhausen

Like The Phone Bill

So funny, so sad, so true, I had to post it:

When it comes to scoring touchdowns, the Jets are like the phone bill: They're monthly.
—"Reeling Jets stand Pat in losing ways", New York Daily News
Martin is also in danger of not breaking 1,000 yards this year. When I heard that Herman was actually planning around that, I got upset. You don't play so that individual players can break records, but at 2-10, I think we should at least have something good come out of this year.

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Comments on Like The Phone Bill
  Comment from Blogger MacFurious at Tuesday, December 06, 2005 8:04:00 AM
My team has more wins than your team! *laughs*

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