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Top 10 Video Game Research Findings

On the last day of the 2006 Game Developers Conference (GDC), there was a presentation of the top 10 video game research findings that will affect the future development of games. In short, these findings were:

  • Players are more effective when they have control over the music in the game
  • Voice chat in games must be implemented as an element of the game itself, otherwise it is just a distraction.
  • Gestural controllers (e.g., the one for the Wii) are well-suited for translating the player's movement into his avatar's movement, but buttons are superior for representing complex actions
  • Multi-user environments that encourage collaboration drive emotional stickiness. Players treat adversaries much like they do AI-driven opponents, even if they're controlled by a person.
  • Accusations of cheating are driven more by perception of who people think might cheat rather than who actually does cheat.
  • A shift in visual perspective should have an in-game meaning to maintain immersion
  • Players want to communicate with one another in ways that are not currently supported in multi-user games
  • Eye-tracking input devices enhance player enjoyment as long as they fulfill useful, game-related functions
  • Facial animations that express emotion, not just speech, are more engaging
  • Players are more engaged when they are actively failing than when they are succeeding
That last one makes sense when you think about it. I spend the most time playing games that I fail repeatedly at but still find fun to play. Don't you?

You can download the PDF from AvantGames or read an article from Gamasutra summarizing the findings.

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