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Not for Morning Muzzle

So this is what Google says the German guys at said about S3QUENC3R:

S3QUENC3R is a small Game for occasionally. It resembles the play "Simon says". Types the numbers in reverse order its appearance.
I suppose "small Game for occasionally" means "casual game".

One guy did comment on the game, but Google's rendering of it wasn't entirely illuminating:

Definitely nix for Morgenmuffel… are still much to unausgeschlafen for sowas. The play is completely nicely, although no Uber Game; -) The Highscore is unfortunately limited on 1540. If one would turn there still a little at the speed, one could make the open ended.
So I tried a different site: PROMT-Online. Theirs was a bit better:
Definitively nothing for morning muzzle ... has still unslept off a lot to for something like that. The play itself is quite nice, even if no Uber-Game;-) Unfortunately, the high score is limited to 1540. If one became there still a little bit in the speed turn, one could do open ended.
Not sure what "morning muzzle" might refer to; this has got to be some sort of idiomatic thing. Anyway, he did call the gameplay "quite nice"... I'll ignore the bit about it not being the Uber-Game.

I have some ideas for a slightly more developed version of the game. Based on the feedback, the main features I'm considering are:

  • A timer to keep the pressure on. This is more for feel than any real game function. I don't think people are taking too much time to repeat the sequences. I find myself playing at a decent clip just to keep my memory fresh.
  • Adjustable difficulty levels.
  • Switching back and forth between reverse and forward puzzles.
  • Open-ended gameplay. It's always been my feeling that a good game should have no ceiling, though S3QUENC3R seemed to so naturally call for an end when all 9 digits were in play.
If anyone can shed some light on what "nix für Morgenmuffel" means, that would be greatly appreciated.

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Comments on Not for Morning Muzzle
  Comment from Anonymous Anonymous at Thursday, May 10, 2007 9:05:00 AM
So there is a lovely German woman who sits next to me in the office. "nix für Morgenmuffel" translates to "not a morning person". Or someone who is grumpy in the morning. Hope that helps.

  Comment from Blogger gnome at Thursday, May 10, 2007 11:31:00 AM
I'll back the opinion wisely expressed...

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